Gens Software Ltd. is an authorized reseller and integrated solution provider of BioLink.


BioLink, is a leading security technology provider, develops, manufactures, and markets advanced fingerprint biometric products. The company?s solutions form the core of biometric authentication solutions for logical access, including computers, networks, and web-based resources, physical access, and large-scale civil identification and law enforcement applications 


BioLink offers a comprehensive suite of products using proprietary fingerprint scanning, image processing, one-to-many identification and one-to-one verification algorithm technology that address many of today's security challenges in a significantly more robust and cost-effective manner than existing solutions.


Key Products: 

  • BioLink U-Match MatchBook - BioLink's input device family leverages advanced optics to capture a high-quality digital fingerprint template. This results in a superior level of performance and security while ensuring an individual's privacy.
  • BioLink Authentication Center - A security solution that provides biometric login to local and network resources, SSO-like functionality and file encryption using digital fingerprint technology.
  • BioLink Authenteon Enterprise Server - a high-speed, plug-n-play biometric identification search system with a linked credential repository for up to 5,000 people. 
  • BioLink Software Development Kit (BSDK) - a software toolkit that provides developers the ability to design integrated solutions that incorporate BioLink's authentication technology quickly and easily into new or existing software applications.
  • BioLink On-Line (WebSDK) - a software toolkit that provides web developers the ability to integrate BioLink's authentication technology into web based environments, such as eCommerce sites.
  • Authenteon Connection Toolkit (ATK) - innovative development and configuration tool provides customers, developers and system integrators with a modular and flexible, rules-based operational environment that acts as a control front end for the BioLink ACA Server to easily and quickly embed it into large scale identification systems.
  • BioLink Cluster Server Array - a revolutionary server array system for applications that require high-speed or high-volume authentication against a large database of people.